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STEM Curriculum at NDA

“Research has shown that many girls are interested in STEM subjects, but then don’t go onto STEM careers. We are hoping that our Program can help show them that those careers are both attractive and possible and so inspire them to stick with their dreams.” - Bridget Higgins, STEM Coordinator
NDA's STEM Program is a rigorous path that allows girls to be exposed to theirs passions. At the heart of the program are the nationally ranked robotics and rocketry teams. Previously, the stem pathways at NDA were limited to the target audience of those with an interest in engineering. As of lately, the Program is being reimagined to broaden its scope beyond the engineering aspect of STEM to also include more life sciences. This will benefit girls with an interest Chemistry, Biology, and Pre-Med. The Program will also be aimed to help girls gain more field experience through internship opportunities. 
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Bridget Higgins

STEM Coordinator

Manny Guardado has been developing education programs and managing initiatives for over 10 years. His practice is centered in human centered design and innovative thinking. He has worked for some of the leading museums in Los Angeles including the Norton Simon and the J. Paul Getty. He is currently the Director of Innovation for Notre Dame Academy of Los Angeles. He oversees STEAM initiatives across grades 6-12, and launched the schools maker space, The Innovation Lab in 2019. He received his BA in Design and is currently an MBA in progress at the California State University of Northridge. 

Manny Guardado

Robotics and Rocketry Instructor

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